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Star-crossed lovers Kor-Drath and Adryana vow to avenge the slaughter of the Red Lions tribe only to discover that the danger is far deadlier than they imagined. They realize they are pawns in a more dangerous game, a game that will end life as they know it and usher in an age of nightmares, led by the monstrous Necra-Knight.

The Necra-Knight aided by Lilineth the Hag From Hell unleashes a swarm of undead to brutally ravage and slaughter the Red Lions in search of an ancient artifact that will unleash a great power to whoever wields it.

After the Barbarian Kor-Drath’s tribe, Red Lions, was slaughtered by the undead, he and his companion the Sorceress Adryana from the Black Eagles sister Tribe set out to avenge those responsible for the massacre. Their quest shows that there is more than meets the eye as enemies from the undead to demons reveal themselves to the lovers. What can these two hope to do against such odds as they find they are but pawns in a much more dangerous game.

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Choose between 4 different covers! 

KOR-DRATH: THE RECKONING vol. 1 Individual covers.

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