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KOR-DRATH: The Reckoning

If you love original art then this book is for you! This oversized 8.3" x 11.7", 88-page hardcover book includes the entire story from the graphic novel plus character designs, and more printed in full-color scanned directly from Andy's original art and Bart Sears' and Budd Root's variant covers.

Click the below images to see them larger!

Kor-Drath AE cover
Kor-Drath Conan homage cover001.jpg

Kor-Drath Cover homage of 
Conan #1

I love seeing covers by other artists where they pay homage to an older cover by a famous artist that is widely known to be a classic cover. I had to homage Conan #1 by Barry Windsor-Smith as it is classic and perfect for Kor-Drath!

Kor-Drath Conan homage cover
Kor-Drath vol 1 inks page004.jpg

Kor-Drath page 4

Kor-Drath vol 1 inks page004
Kor-Drath vol 1 inks page005.jpg

Kor-Drath page 5

Kor-Drath vol 1 inks page005.jpg
Kor-Drath vol 1 inks page008.jpg

Kor-Drath page 8

Kor-Drath vol 1 inks page008
Kor-Drath vol 1 inks page014.jpg

Kor-Drath page 14

Kor-Drath vol 1 inks page014
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