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Mayhem in the Myrmador Mountains is an exciting 1980’s retro homage style D&D adventure module, played in the 5e/5th Edition rules with the backdrop of the Shattered Reach, the world for Kor-Drath: the Reckoning. This adventure is designed to challenge your player characters as no other content has to date. Inside this adventure, you’ll find:

This brand-new location features new monsters, NPCs, a unique trap, and more material for your 5e/Fifth Edition campaign.

Two retro-style maps, of a classically styled dungeon, will blend the feel of old-style D&D with today’s ruleset with the story tying perfectly with the Story of Kor-Drath: the Reckoning…adding so much more flavor to both the Graphic novel as well as to this adventure.

So sharpen your axes, grab your healing potion, and ready your magic for this adventure awaits!

This module is 8 1/2" x 11" and is 20 pages!

Cover by Bart Sears with colors by Dan Lawlis!

Kor-Drath Game Module

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